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Since 2002 Proton Engineering provides a skilled solution for manufacturing of high frequency electronic devices and antennas. Operations are located in Vilnius, Lithuania, a location within the EU with both highly trained RF engineering resources and lower operating costs. Today, Proton provides qualified RF services ranging from custom-engineered to turn-key solutions for our customers worldwide.

Our specifics:

Our Team

Proton's team offers an optimal blend of creativity, flexibility, and cost effectiveness to meet our costomers requirements. Each step of our customer order processing starting from stock operations and ending up with RF and mechanical engineering and QA is under special care of our highly skilled and trained professionals. We do know how to provide the great care of even the smallest details of our customer‘s needs.


RF Services

Metal processing

With our metal processing workshop up-to-date highly efficient equipment of HARDINGE is used. Our equipment allows to perform all kinds of metal and plastic machining with pieces up to 400mm in diameter and 500mm in length with accuracy up to 5 micrometer and repeatability up to 2.5 micrometer. We process steel, copper, aluminum and other metals as well as plastics per customers documentation. We offer economically efficient solutions for all kinds of production volumes from prototyping to lot manufacturing. Quality Control is based on the usage of certified measurement instruments like micrometers, gauges and microscopes with digital indication. Our experts work in close contact to our customers with the goal to provide high quality cost efficient solutions on each step of the processing.

Quality Management

Our Quality Management follows four main directions: Quality Planning, Quality Control, Quality Validation and Quality Improvements. These directions envelope all activities necessary to engineer and implement each product or service. Quality Planning is performed prior to each order execution to assure that each step could be implemented meeting or exceeding our customer requirements. The Order Quality Plan is beeng created at that step. The Plan is to accumulate the expertise and to describe each step of the order execution in detail including means of Quality Control and Validation. With manufacturing, Quality Control is being performed per Quality Plan with test measurements taken per pre-defined procedures and test data kept for each unit. Validation is to assure that each unit meets or exceeds the requirements. Quality Control and Validation involves the development of a QP (Quality Passport) for each unit containing the results of each step execution, test data taken and the unit performance characteristics obtained. This is to effectively eliminate quality issues or rejections. Proton Engineering uses special Quality Improvements system. This is based on continuous growth of people skills and knowledge and is driven by our compliance to ISO 9001:2000 standards and as well by our Quality Management procedures.

R&D projects

With no doubts electronics is one of the fastest growing branches of today industry. We see tremendous changes at the market with rapid growth of electronic devices functionality along with reduction of weight, size and cost. In response to such challenges Proton Engineering constantly improves it’s R&D potentials. Among successfully implemented R&D projects are:

With the support of EU structural funds the following projects have been made:

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